I have a Ft. Myers probation violation. What can I do?

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AUGUST 2, 2020

The Covid crisis has put a lot of people in a situation where their probation is about to be violated.    Many people have lost their jobs and cannot pay their probation fees and court ordered restitution.  Many people may have been forced to move and not notified their probation officer.  Some people have picked up a new arrest for shoplifting or not scanning items at a grocery store like Walmart.  Desperate people do desperate things.

If you get arrested for a probation violation, and there is a no bond order, you may lose the only job that you have been able to get.  If you think you have a violation coming, now is the time to talk to a Ft. Myers or Cape Coral probation violations criminal defense attorney.  Hiring a good Fort Myers defense lawyer can make a huge difference, and it may keep you from getting arrested and sitting in jail.

A public defender cannot help you and will not be appointed until after you are arrested.  Do not wait until the police are knocking at your door.  We may be able to intervene and keep you from being arrested.  Under the law, you should not be violated for simply not having the money to pay probation fees.  If you caught a new charge, there may be a defense, and if we can get the new charge dropped, we may be able to keep you from being violated.

We understand that times are hard and you may be short on money.  Sitting in jail on a no bond order is going to make things much worse.  Give us a call and we can explore payment options.  Do you a mom or dad that can help out?  A brother, sister, Uncle or Aunt that might be able to help?.  Do you have someone, maybe even an employer that might be able to put the lawyer fee on a credit card now?  What you spend now may save you a ton it terms of what you stand to lose if you get arrested for the violation and spend weeks or months in jail.

It doesn’t cost anything to call and at least find out what you can do?