Why do People get Their Probation Violated?


Why do People get Their Probation Violated?

There are a number of reasons people get their Probation Violated . In Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota County, the number one reason for an arrest is violation of probation.  Many of the people who plead guilty or no contest to a criminal offense end up with some form of probation.  It may be sex offender probation, some form or drug probation, domestic violence probation or regular probation.  Most probation officers are over worked and just look for a reason to violate someone to reduce their caseload.

When it comes to sex offender probation, there is an actual concerted effort to find some technical violation.  When it comes to sex offender probation, there is an actual concerted effort to find some technical violation  The electronic monitors constantly generate false alerts leading to probation violations.  The probation officer may have forgotten to log a trip he gave you permission to take.  When registering for probation, you may have forgotten to list an email address or screen name or missed a timely change of address.  If you get violated for a sex offense the State will be seeking jail time for sure and presenting a good defense is critical, call me, Sean C. O’Halloran for more information.

As a probation violation lawyers, we know how important it is to try and convince the officer not to submit a probation violation affidavit to the Judge.  If you have an outstanding warrant it is important to hire a lawyer before you are taken into custody.  Most of the time you will not get a bond on a probation violation but it is possible.  Hiring a lawyer before you go into custody is important.  In a probation violation hearing the prosecutor has to prove that you violation was both substantial and willful.  They have to satisfy the conscience of the Court and do not have to prove the violation beyond a reasonable doubt.

At our criminal defense firm, we try to find a way to get your probation reinstated.  Sometimes a better way to end your case is to do short time in County jail.  No one wants to go to jail but probation is not for everybody.  If you have a drug habit, chances are you will not successfully make it.  If you have multiple arrests or live a lifestyle that puts you at high risk, we try and find a way to end your case with the least possible consequences.  If your son is in jail on a probation violation or your husband or wife has been violation you can call our office for at any time for a free consultation.  Sean C. O’Halloran, In Ft. Myers, call 239 334 8890.  Peter D. Aiken, In Sarasota call 941 366 3506