Sex Offender Probation Tough but not Impossible

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If you get arrested for a sex crime in Bradenton or a sex offense in Sarasota and you hire an experienced sex crime lawyer you may be lucky enough to get a negotiated plea deal and get sentenced to sex offender probation instead of years in State prison.  A good lawyer may make a difference.  Do you trust your future to a Public Defender?
When you see the conditions of Sex Offender Probation, you will probably freak out and say there is no way I can make it. It is not impossible and as bad as it is, it is a lot better than State prison.  The reality is that in State prison, if you are convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor, you run the high risk of being raped in prison.  The Department of Corrections covers up and hides the fact that many sex offenders are raped in prison routinely.  Have your ever heard of anyone being prosecuted for jail rape.  It just does not happen in Florida.  It is a deep dark secret that no one talks about.  I had a prosecutor tell me once that in the small North Florida counties, no jury will convict anyone for jail rape. Everybody works for the D.O.C.. As a sex crime lawyer it offends me that this cruel and unusual punishment is permitted and tolerated.
If you are charged with sexual battery or lewd assault you really have to consider your alternatives and if you can avoid jail do so.  Over the next several days in this blog I will try and explain the pros and cons of Sex Offender Probation as well as Sex Offender Registration.  It will change the way you live your life, and it is horrible, but not as terrible as the consequences of what can happen in a dark cell in State Prison.  If you have questions or are weighing your alternatives, blog or call me, Peter D Aiken, for a free consultation or visit my site dealing with sex offesnses at the or
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