What Happens if You are Arrested for a Sex Crime?




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What Happens if You are Arrested for a Sex Crime?
If you or a loved one get arrested for a sex offense, there are important things you should know.  Lately, there have been hundreds of arrests in Internet Sex Stings like Operation Green Shepherd IV in Manatee and Operation PredaTour 2015 with Operation Volusia Broadband in Volusia county .  A number of stings have run in Orlando, Jacksonville and Manatee, Sarasota, Lee, Volusia and Polk Counties.  In all of these cases, the original bond is set high, often in an amount you cannot pay.
The first obstacle is getting you out of jail and released on bond.  Most of the time we can get the bond reduced at a bond reduction hearing.  If you use the public defender, this process may take much longer.
If you do get released, many times there are restriction you have to comply with even before you are found guilty.  You will be ordered not to use the Internet.  This is a huge problem because that is the way you may be able to find a qualified lawyer.  Do not rely on the recommendations of a bondsman in selecting an attorney.  He may have a selfish motive in seeing you hire a particular attorney.
Your most important decision is selecting a qualified experienced attorney that knows how to defend sex cases.  There is a huge difference between sex cases like rape, statutory rape, sexual battery and lewd and lascivious touching.  Defending Internet cases is much more complex than the ordinary sex crime case.
Not all attorneys are created equal.  Their experience varies greatly as well as their results.  Do your homework in selecting the attorney that will guide you through this complex criminal justice system.  Interview several criminal lawyers before making your decision.  Some will tell you what you want to hear to get hired.  Good lawyers are honest and truthful with you and tell it like it is.  Sex cases are tough and you need a tough lawyer working on your side.  Most lawyers like myself do not charge for a consultation.  Make your choice carefully. If someone you know has been arrested in an internet sex sting, never give up hope, that person is innocent until proven guilty, together we can discuss sex sting defense options. call me, Peter D Aiken in Sarasota 941.366.3506 or Sean C. O’Halloran in Fort Myers 239.334.8890

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