How Can I Get Off Probation Early



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If you are on probation in the State of Florida, depending on the nature of the charges and the sentence, and depending on how you have done so far, you may be eligible for what is known as an “early termination”.  Hopefully, your lawyer mentioned this to the judge at the time of sentencing.  If he did, it helps.  Generally, an experienced criminal defense lawyer, at the time of sentencing will say something like “and no objection to early termination”.  Hopefully, your lawyer has negotiated this term as a part of your plea deal.

Most of the time at the half way point of your probation sentence, assuming your court costs and costs of supervision have been paid, the probation officer will have no objection.  I always tell clients to double up on their payments on court costs.  That way, at the half way point, all of the costs will have been paid.  If part of your sentence involved serving community service hours, you have to have them done.  That is also why as an experienced criminal attorney, I tell people to get those hours done as soon as possible.  The other thing that you absolutely have to get done is to pay any restitution.  Generally, lack of money is a person’s biggest problem.

We routinely handle early termination hearings at a modest fee.  Remember, if you can get off probation early, do it.  Remember, if you can get off probation early, do it. Many times I have seen people get a probation violation in the last few months of their probation. Sadly, most of them could have been off probation had they only taken the time to get hold of a lawyer and get an early termination.

If you are on sex offender probation, it is more difficult but not impossible.  The conditions of sex offender probation are extreme and often include wearing an electronic monitor and being subject to a curfew.  An early termination is a big deal and greatly reduces the likelihood of getting violated.  It is important to have established a good relationship with your probation officer.  If you need an early termination of probation, call Sean O’Halloran or Andrew Banyai, in our Ft. Myers office at 239 334 8890