Is Probation in some cases a trap?

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Is Probation in some cases a trap?

Unfortunately, sometimes what looks like a good deal can end badly.

This is particularly true if you are addicted to opiates. Many people get hooked on Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Percocet and other opiates while suffering from real injuries. This is particularly true with people who got injured in an automobile accident. The doctors sometimes are a little careless when it comes to prescribing opiates when other less addicting medications could work as well. People with pending personal injury cases are particularly susceptible to getting hooked because sometimes the doctors are trying to document pain treatment for a personal injury settlement purposes.

If you become addicted chances are you will increase the dosage on your own.

Opiates require more pills to get the same result.

Before you know it, you are hooked.

When the scripts run out, I have seen people switch to heroin because it is easy to get here in Sarasota. If you have moved on to heroin, you now have a real problem.

There are not any old heroin addicts.

Heroin addicts end up dead or in prison.

Probation for a heroin addict is not an option. Treatment is the only answer. Methadone is not a good option. It is just another form of addiction where you supposedly get a legal substitute for heroin.
As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer my goal is to get people help. Drug Court if you take it seriously is a good option. It really does work if you follow the program. In my opinion, jail is not a viable alternative although in the short run, it forces a detox. The detox is tough but it may save your life. If you are addicted, get help before you run afoul of the criminal justice system. If you already have been arrested for drug possession or for obtaining an unauthorized script and you want to explore your options, give me a call at 941 366 3506

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