Is your probation officer out to get you?

The purpose of is to give a person a “second chance”. Many people who have been arrested for the first time get a “probation offer” from the judge or the prosecutor at what they call an “early intervention” docket. Many people, because they have not had a chance to talk to a real criminal defense lawyer, jump at this offer, only to regret it later. Probation is not for everyone.
For some people with certain lifestyles, it is a trap. If a person has an opiate addiction and is on pills or heroin, they will eventually violate and end up in jail. If they are strung out on cocaine or Meth, their chances of making probation are slim. If you drop a dirty urine or get re-arrested, it will result in a probation violation and you will be right back in jail facing an even worse situation.

Did you know the number one reason people get arrested if for a probation violation?

If you are about to get violated, or a loved one has been picked up for a probation violation we may be able to help. Reinstatement is a possibility in some instances. A violation has to be “willful and substantial”. Some probation officers use simple unintentional technical violations as an excuse to violate someone. In Ft. Myers many people get violated for little or no reason.

In Sarasota and Punta Gorda, arrests for probation violations are almost as frequent as new crime arrests. If you think you are about to be violated you need to talk to a good criminal defense lawyer before you get arrested. If you wait, it may be weeks before a public defender gets to see you or try to get your situation resolved.

Most criminal defense attorney will give you a free consultation. If you think an arrest is coming, the smart thing to do is call a real defense lawyer before it happensAt our firm, we can sometimes intervene and work it out with the probation officer before a warrant is issued.
If you see trouble coming….Call a lawyer first

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