Can I post bond on a probation violation?

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February 13 2020

Can I post bond on a probation violation?

Most of the time, here in Lee County, you cannot post bond if you get arrested for a probation violation.  It depends on what the judge wrote on the probation violation warrant.  Sometimes it says “no bond” but if it is a technical violation there may be a bond or the judge may leave it up the judge presiding at your first appearance after your arrest.

If you think you have a warrant coming or your probation officer tells you that you tested dirty and one is coming, do not wait until you get arrested to talk to a good probation violation attorney.  Once you are sitting in jail, it makes it much tougher to find a good criminal defense lawyer here in Ft. Myers.  They make it next to impossible to find or hire a lawyer once you are in jail.  Talk to a Ft. Myers defense lawyer now, not later.

If the warrant has not yet been issue or executed, we may, in some cases, be able to stop it.  We may be able to get before the judge on a motion to recall the warrant before you get arrested.  We may be able to get a bond set.  We may be able to speak with your probation officer and clear up any misunderstandings.  There may be a very good reason why the probation officer is simply wrong in requesting a probation violation warrant.

If you wait until you are arrested for probation violation in Lee County, you are making a mistake.  If you hire a defense attorney now you may prevent being picked up and sitting for days or weeks for some Public Defender to look at your case.  The Lee County Public defender only gets appointed after your arrest and you can end up sitting for days in the County Jail waiting to talk to him or her.

Most defense attorneys do not charge for a free phone consultation.  If you think something is going down with your probation, give us a call and we may be able to let you know what your alternatives are.