Sex Offender Registration…..A Life Sentence



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Sex Offender Registration…..A Life Sentence

More and more people are being placed on sex offender probation and as a result of being convicted for certain sex offenses become registered sex offenders.  Once you are on the list and register, it takes years to get off, if ever.  It is for that very reason that as a sex crime lawyer I advise clients to explore every option before pleading guilty to certain sex offenses.  Sometimes, if the evidence is overwhelming, you have no choice.  In other cases like Internet Sex Stings you should try and get the prosecution to agree to a non sex offense.  I have been successful in pleading some clients to alternative charges like attempted child abuse, a non sex offense.  Every effort should be made to either win the case or find an alternative charge.

In VolusiaCounty, the recent “Cyber Sex Sting” resulted in 14 more arrests.  The recent Cyber child internet stings in Citrus, Manatee and Lake Counties will produce dozens of registered sex offender joining the list of men whose lives will be changed forever.  Unlike other crimes, where after you serve your sentence, you can return to society, if you become a registered sex offender the punishment continues almost forever.  In every County, the Sheriff has a web site where people can look up sex offenders in their neighborhood.  Some “mothers” make it a mission to torture and expose where each and every sex offender lives.  There is a common misconception that sex offenders are likely to reoffend.  This is simply not true when it comes to the men arrested in the Internet Sex Sting cases.  It is also not true when it comes to men who suffer convictions for child porn.  The other common misconception is the “stranger danger” myth that sex predators are trolling the streets and playgrounds for kids to molest.  The truth is that most sex offenders are relatives or family friends. 

There need to be a balance in law enforcement and the system is out of balance.  The police are creating crime with the stings.  The police are creating “sex offenders” running sting after sting across Florida.  As a sex crime lawyer I understand that these men are human beings and in many instances not even remotely “pedophiles”.  People like Grady Judd seem to be on a “mission from God” determined to destroy lives rather than prevent, detect and prosecute real crime.  It is a lot easier to simply create a crime.  Let me hear your views on these “Stings”

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Can you avoid a Probation Violation?


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Can you avoid a Probation Violation?

If you are on probation, this is always in the back of your mind.  Probation can be a trap and if you are truly not guilty, pleading to probation to simply get your case over with can be a big mistake.

This is particularly true if you end up on either drug offender probation or sex offender probation.  Don’t get me wrong, it is better than jail but it is so easy to screw up and end of with a technical violation.  Here are some important tips:

Always advise you probation officer of a change of address before you move.

When you make a payment, keep proof that you paid for fees and costs.

Never miss an appointment, no matter what.

Never have an “attitude” with your probation officer.

Never leave the County without checking with your probation officer.

Do not possess a firearm while on probation.

Never smoke weed while on probation.  The urine tests are mostly accurate.

Try hard not to get arrested for anything.

If you hang with people that use drugs you put yourself at risk.  If you are on probation, just “chill” and put the wild side of your life on hold for a while.  Control your drinking because if you are intoxicated or high you are likely to get in trouble and get busted.  If your probation officer says he or she is going to get a warrant and have you arrested, call us immediately.  Sometimes we can resolve problems before the judge actually issues a warrant for violation of probation.  Sometimes, the violation is simply a misunderstanding.  A violation has to be “willful and substantial” and we may be able to keep you out of jail.  As probation violation lawyers, our job is to try and keep you from being violated.  Do not wait until you are arrested.  Talk to a Ft. Myers or Sarasota criminal defense lawyer before it happens.  If you have a problem, call for a free consultation before they detain you Ft Myers  239-334-8890    Sarasota 941-366-3506   we can help