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Looking for a bondsman in Lee County because of the recent 2015 crime sweep in Ft Myers?  Is this your first arrest?  Do you think your bond is too high?
For people arrested for the first time the most important thing is getting out of jail quick. When you go in front of the first appearance judge here in Fort Myers or a judge in Lee County, one of the first things the judge will deal with is setting a bond.  You may be on a police secret list and they may be asking for a high bond on a minor violation.  They may want to put you on pre trial release instead of a regular bond… Do not do that.  If they put you on pre-trial release, that are many reporting requirements that will alter your  daily life.  You will have to give drug tests and if you screw up your bond will be revoked and you will sit in jail facing a much higher bond.  Pre-trial release in some cases is a trap.

A bondsman performs a valuable service.  If you need a bondsman in Sarasota or need to get bonded out in Lee County there are lots of bondsmen that will provide this service.  All bondsmen are supposed to charge the same amount by law.  The fee is 10% of the total bond.  Some bondsmen will work out a payment plan.  If the bond is a high bond, the bondsman will want collateral in the form of someone else signing for you and putting up property, money or other assets.  You may need a bond reduction hearing.  Just like criminal defense attorneys, all bondsmen are not the same.  Check out their reputations with friends.  Some bondsmen look for a reason to put you back in on a technical violation but most bondsmen are very legitimate.  You are also going to need a good lawyer.  Many people try and shop for a cheap lawyer.  Would you want to buy the cheapest parachute?  Lawyer’s fees vary greatly as does their level of experience.  I have been doing this for over twenty years and have  a partner who was a Federal Agent and Federal Prosecutor. If you are charged with a Federal Crime, you need a Federal lawyer.  If you are charged with a serious State crime like trafficking, murder or a gun violation think twice about which criminal defense lawyer you hire to represent you.  You need a lawyer that knows about the new drug possession law.
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Sex Offender Probation Tough but not Impossible

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If you get arrested for a sex crime in Bradenton or a sex offense in Sarasota and you hire an experienced sex crime lawyer you may be lucky enough to get a negotiated plea deal and get sentenced to sex offender probation instead of years in State prison.  A good lawyer may make a difference.  Do you trust your future to a Public Defender?
When you see the conditions of Sex Offender Probation, you will probably freak out and say there is no way I can make it. It is not impossible and as bad as it is, it is a lot better than State prison.  The reality is that in State prison, if you are convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor, you run the high risk of being raped in prison.  The Department of Corrections covers up and hides the fact that many sex offenders are raped in prison routinely.  Have your ever heard of anyone being prosecuted for jail rape.  It just does not happen in Florida.  It is a deep dark secret that no one talks about.  I had a prosecutor tell me once that in the small North Florida counties, no jury will convict anyone for jail rape. Everybody works for the D.O.C.. As a sex crime lawyer it offends me that this cruel and unusual punishment is permitted and tolerated.
If you are charged with sexual battery or lewd assault you really have to consider your alternatives and if you can avoid jail do so.  Over the next several days in this blog I will try and explain the pros and cons of Sex Offender Probation as well as Sex Offender Registration.  It will change the way you live your life, and it is horrible, but not as terrible as the consequences of what can happen in a dark cell in State Prison.  If you have questions or are weighing your alternatives, blog or call me, Peter D Aiken, for a free consultation or visit my site dealing with sex offesnses at the sexstinglawyer.com or sarasotadefender.com
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Probation Violation for a Simple Mistake

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Probation Violation for a Simple Mistake
Probation is a good resolution for people who may have committed an offense and have little likelihood of repeating their mistake.  It is not necessarily a good way to resolve a case if you have a drug problem, a mental issue or are likely to screw up the conditions of probation.  If you are addicted to pain killers and get placed on probation there is a high chance you will slip and repeat your past conduct.  If you are bi-polar or have a similar issue and are placed on probation for domestic violence with a relative or spouse or girlfriend, there is a good chance you will find yourself violating the conditions of probation.
Many times the probation officer gets an attitude about a particular person and looks for a way to violate them.  In order for the Court to find you guilty of violation of probation the act you committed or the failure to comply with the conditions of probation must be willful and substantial.  A simple technical violation like being late for an appointment with your probation officer may not be enough for the judge to send you back to jail.  Having a probation violation lawyer represent you may keep you form doing time in the County Jail or worse yet State Prison.  Having good representation is important. You may need a third chance
You may have been given a second chance and because of circumstances failed to live up to expectations and messed up on your conditions of probation.  This does not automatically mean jail.  If you have a drug issue it may mean treatment or having your probation bumped up to drug offender probation.  You may need enhanced supervision as an alternative to jail
If you think you are about to be violated or if there is a probation violation warrant outstanding call today for a free consultation.  We may be able to get you a bond set and prevent you sitting in jail until your probation violation hearing.
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