I don’t want to go back to jail…..I didn’t intend to violate probation

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Sean C. O’Halloran
Experienced Criminal Defense Probation Violation Attorney
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Sarasota 941-366-3506

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Probation is a second chance.

It should not be used as a trap to get you put back in jail.

Prosecutors, sometimes, if they have a weak case will offer probation to resolve the case. Many times people take probation when they are really innocent. They are afraid of the criminal justice system, afraid of the prosecutors, afraid of the judges and afraid to go to Court. Probation may have sounded good then but now you regret it, particularly if you got a harsh non compassionate probation officer who is out to get you. If you are reading this, chances are you are already on probation facing an arrest or a probation violation hearing. Do not go into a probation violation hearing unrepresented. If the Public Defender was the one who allowed you to be put on probation, do you want to use the same lawyer for your violation hearing? I bet not.

Here in Ft Myers we have been handling probation violation cases for over a decade. Sean O’Halloran knows the system in and out. For the last ten years he has appeared hundreds of times defending probation violation cases. Before that, he was a prosecutor. He knows it from both sides. A violation has to be willful and substantial, not some accident or oversight. A new arrest makes the case tougher but technical violations, like not changing your address, or missing a single appointment may be subject to an early resolution.

Do not wait to hire a lawyer for a loved one in jail. The hearing may be set for months down the road, but we may be able to get it moved up, get the case resolved and get your spouse or loved one out of jail early. Not all violations end up with jail sentences and many times we can get the person reinstated and released from the County jail. Sometimes, we can get the probation terminated. If the person has a drug problem we may be able to get in house treatment as an alternative to just sitting in jail. Our goal is to solve the problem, and keep it from happening again.
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