Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Probation violations top the list when it comes to daily arrests in both Lee and Sarasota County.

Every day people get rearrested for not complying with the conditions of probation. It may be something as simple as a technical violation like not reporting a change of address or something as serious as a new criminal charge. That can be a huge problem. First of all, the person may sit in jail with no bond awaiting a probation violation hearing. The violation may result in an adjudication of a felony creating a permanent criminal record. Worse yet, it can land them in either County jail or State prison. Probation is a second chance it can also be the last straw if the judge thinks your deserve punishment.

If you have a substance abuse problem, a pill habit, a heroin addiction or are a chronic marijuana user, you need treatment, not jail. You may detox in jail awaiting a hearing but ultimately you need a long term plan. You do not want the long term plan to be jail. As Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys we have been defending probation violation charges for our entire careers. You have to convince the judge that jail is not the right answer. You may not have taken it seriously or simply let your addiction overcome your good judgment.

Can I bond out on a probation violation?

That depends on the nature of our underlying charge and the seriousness of the violation. The better answer is to try and avoid the violation to begin with. If you think your probation officer is going to seek a probation violation warrant, call us immediately. We may be able to intervene and keep it from happening. It may be a simple misunderstanding that we can clear up.

There may be other alternatives like drug rehab. Don’t wait until “they come for you”. Call today at 239 334 8890 in Ft. Myers or 941 366 3506 in Sarasota to talk about your violation.