Can I bond out on a probation violation?

Most of the time, the answer is no.  If you are on felony probation and get arrested for a new crime, chances are, at your first appearance, you may be granted a bond on the new charge.  It may be a waste of money to bond out, if only days later you are going to be rearrested on a no bond probation violation hold.   All too often, as a Lee County criminal defense lawyer, I interview people who have spent their last dime on a bail bond, only to be rearrested on a later no bond probation violation.  Think twice about posting a bond before your talk to a lawyer.

When a person is arrested, they generally freak out and their number one priority is “get me out of here”.  They call relatives and beg them to get in touch with a bondsman and “get me out”.  If family funds are limited, think twice about spending all your money on a bondsman. If the bond is set really high, often a good lawyer can get it reduced at a bond reduction hearing.  Sitting a few days and hiring a good lawyer may save you a ton of money.  Often what you save on the bondsman may be enough to pay for the lawyer.  Recently, I had a man call who had been arrested on a sex charge.  The first appearance judge set the bond at $200,000, even though he had lived here for years, had a good job, and had never been arrested.  He used every cent he had to bond out, and had to pay $20,000 in bond premium to the bondsman.  When it came time to hire a lawyer, the person on whom his long term freedom depended, he was broke.  He now has the Public Defender.  Most lawyers do not charge for an initial free consultation.  Before spending a bundle on the bondsman, think twice, and talk to a lawyer.  The bond might be reduced.

Many people are now on probation as a result of the “Early Resolution Court”.  They jumped at a plea and took the easy way out without talking to a private lawyer.  Now they are looking at a probation violation and being rearrested with no bond.  If you think your probation officer is going to violate you, call a private lawyer now.  Do not wait until you are sitting in jail on a no bond hold.  If you think a violation is in your future and you want to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, we are available at 239 334 8890.